A New Start...

Friday, February 15, 2013, I read "A Day in the Life of Minimalist" by Joshua Fields Millburn. Here is the website. It's changed my life and most importantly my thinking. I've been wanting to simplify my life but wasn't sure if it was possible or even how to do it. I see now it's possible and I'll start slowly integrating changes in our life. It's possible! I laid in bed thinking of where to start and how to get there - the plan. So here's where it begins and I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 16, 2013:
Today is the first day of not being glued to my phone. It's liberating! Is it convenient? Absolutely! Is it distracting? Absolutely. I'm not proud of this, but has it caused me to miss out on a few things? Absolutely! But the freedom to not be controlled by the mini computer is amazing. Life is not about that little thing. It's about what's in your face NOW! My kids. My house. My dog chasing her food around and burying it. My kids playing and enjoying each other with no routine and they both have full bellies. My house. I love my house. It's my safe place. It's where I work the hardest yet enjoy the fruits of my labor. My husband. I love him! He waited patiently as his ride was late. I kissed him a couple times to say good morning and to say good-bye. It wasn't enough! As he left, I hugged him. Both kids hugged him and the little one said "bye-bye". We all love him but I love him the most! He's off to learn more about dealing with the "crazies".

Getting back to the simplicities of life is a lot harder than I thought. I didn't realize how they consumed me. Enjoying time with my baby as she can't figure out what's bothering her. She sits next to me and calms down while playing with her toy baby. My oldest - as she skips around the house, she's cleaning her room and desk all without a routine or pressure of an over-committed schedule.

I'm realized that stuff is just that - stuff. The emotional attachment is all in our heads and it boils down to just stuff. Why do we have so much of it? Because we work hard and want it to show. Take our television for example. You can tell it's an issue when you constantly think about what you can watch next, and it's even turned off. When your oldest child plays for ten minutes and asks to watch it. Then again, it's only just stuff and can be replaced. I'm going to enjoy the things that matter most - God, family, and friends. I want to have more "dates" with people. Get into their lives and get out of mine. Connection is what I desire.

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