My Observations Without All the Distractions

Oh what a rarity it is to enjoy the sunlight on my skin in the middle of winter in the Texas Panhandle on this beautiful, breezy day. As I sit here listening to my neighbors wind-chime and the traffic go by, I see the ants and flies start to come out and enjoy the sunshine too. Of course, my crazy grass covered, brown labrador runs around whining and tossing the ball is also enjoying this rare beautiful day. I see spring starting to show it's beautiful face as the grass has started to green-up and the trees start budding to their hearts content. I can't wait to sit out on our patio enjoying what God's created and watch my kids play.

I look forward to visiting with our group of friends tonight to see what they've been up to and see what's ahead for them this week. Now to figure out what to make for them.

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