As This Day Comes to a Close

As this day comes to a close, I reflect on my time with my friends. They are such wonderful people. But something bothers me about myself. I turn shy and quiet and inward. I want to know why I have these behaviors of not letting people in unless it's convenient for me. Why I can't seem to express myself in the way that I want. It seems so strange for me to have these thoughts and feelings when I'm so comfortable with this group of people. Forgive me for rambling. I loved listening to them talk amongst themselves and hearing what's going in their lives. It's amazing to me that we are all doing and going and being because that's how our lives work at this time and that's how we're made. So obviously there is room for improvement for myself in this area. How can you contribute to your friendships that will improve the relationship? What strange reactions do you have when you feel the most vulnerable?

When we got home, it took everything in me to not bark orders at my oldest to get ready for bed. It was late and I knew she was tired but she asked me to read to her. It's one of her favorite thing for me to do and I have to admit, I don't do it often enough. So I read her the Ugly Duckling. It's such a cute story filled with plenty of simple life lessons. I think as a parent we wander if we are being heard. So tonight instead of harping on her about taking her time to get to bed, I decided to listen as she gave her her interpretation of the story. It was so sweet to realize she does listen to her mother every now and then! My heart is delighted to say the least and I'm very proud of her! These are the times that make a difference in my child's life more than anything else I have to offer. What can you do to improve your relationship with your kids? Spending one on one with them? Remembering their favorite thing to do and actually doing it with them?

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