The Increase of Knowledge

I haven't written in a few days and I'm not sure why. I can't really say it's writers block because I don't consider myself a writer. However I guess you can say there's a block called life's little distractions. My honey left on a guy's only trip so I've been making sure he has clean clothes and what-nots. Waking up at 4:00am to see him off took its toll on me and by 6:00 that evening, I was wiped out so I went to bed when the girls did at 7:30. I was really tired! So I've just focused on my family the last couple of days and rested. I have however increased my knowledge by reading several blogs about cooking and ways to help my kids increase their knowledge about life. The next thing I want to learn is how to garden. When I was little my parents had a huge garden that was the size of an acre. Huge!!! I didn't understand any of the process or what went into making a garden happen but I remember my mom canning after the harvest. Two things I wish to figure out and do on a smaller scale - gardening and canning. There is a ton of information out there that helps with making sure you succeed. I just need to narrow it down to what helps me get started and my garden to flourish so I can "can the goodness"!

So to sum this up:
1. I'm going to start prepping my meals different by doing more crock pot cooking. Thanks to my friend for sharing this lady's website! I've already started collecting the ingredients to start this process of freezer cooking.
2. I'm going to put my new found knowledge to use with my kids. I've got to figure out an easy way to do this without freaking them out! :)
3. Gather my info about gardening. The cool thing is, someone has already gifted us with seeds for a garden. I just need to put them to use.
4. Lastly, after my gardening info is collected and my garden is producing, I will learn the basis of canning. I need to start collecting my canning items also.

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