What's Closest to My Heart

This post is about religion and God. So if you choose not to read it, I understand. This is not a post to try to convert you into believing the way I believe. We all have to find our own way. It's only purpose is to express my opinions and my heart. To some of you, I might sound crazy but to those who believe in my faith understand what I'm trying to express. Please continue reading if you so desire.

I want to talk about what's closest to my heart that sometimes can be a controversial topic amongst a group of people or even two close people. Religion or as I like to call it, my relationship with my Lord. Let me define them for you according to me. 

Religion is sometimes a thing that people feel they can't live up to and honestly you can't. Religion makes you do things you question which usually turns people off and turns them away from even being with people they love and know well. Religion is a dirty thing that most people steer clear of talking about because they don't want to be talked into believing that person's religion - confrontation if you want to say. 

But in my life, religion is not part of me. I like to call it a relationship with a spiritual being that resonates in every part of me. I sleep, breath, and eat it up when I can by listening to teachings, through praise and worship, etc. I spend time with this spiritual being as if He were sitting right next to me all the time. I love Him so much that I would do anything He tells me. I learned at an early age to trust Him with everything because I had nothing but the bare essentials that He provided. Later in life, I learned that we didn't know where our next meal would come from then all of the sudden it was just there, anonymously. God used people to help us. I'm ever so grateful. They touched our lives in ways they have no idea. My momma always said to be thankful for all things, even the tough ones. I learned to rely on Him when things at home turned to chaos. I would have night dreams of crazy things happening. I would wake up hoping it was only a dream. Unfortunately, it would happen the next day. He always prepared me but only because I chose to listen to that still small voice. Despite the crazy and chaotic life I learned to live in, He was always there to listen and provide. When I was angry, I would hear that sweet whisper to forgive and go on. I would be obedient despite what my flesh wanted to do. He has never let me down. Some call him Father. Some call him God. Some call him their Lord. Some call him their Friend. Some call him other things that mean so much to them.

What do you chose to lean on in times of trouble and chaos? Is it a friend, God, spouse? I charge you to look at what you run to in these times and to run to Jesus when things happen you don't understand and thank him in the good and bad times. Take him as your Rock when everything else is falling apart.

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