Reading! Why some love it and some hate it.

I'm not sure how some kids like to read and others do not. I've just now started to like reading, but only on my iPad. And mostly because no one is making me do it. I don't have to take a test later and if I miss something, I can go back and reread without someone hounding me about why I didn't get it the first time. I honestly hate to read real books, except for a few crazy vampire books. I'm weird like that! My oldest loves to read but I'm not sure where she got it because her father and I do not like to sit and read. My mom told me that she used to love to read but then later in life, she went back to school. She told me the other day that she is just now getting to where she was slightly interested in reading a book again. It's taken her years because she read so much in college. Everyone is different! Questions to ask your kids if they're struggling with reading are... Do they like to read and why? If not why? Honest answers. Did someone make fun of them while they read because they were having a hard time with a word or sentence like friends at school, teachers, even, like me, maybe you have and didn't realize it? Do they like to read easy books? Hard books? Do they know what they're reading? Do they sit still for any length of time? Maybe they could get an activity book that shows them how to do stuff but they have to read the instructions to do it. Do they struggle with pronunciation so therefore it's a struggle with the desire to read? Read to them at night or at breakfast. Short easy books. Ask them questions about the book and let them tell you whatever they got out of it. Even if its far fetched. Ask them why that's their answer. Try not to laugh because some of them are really funny! I used to have a problem with sitting still to read. I still only read a few sentences and/or page then go do something. I come back and read a little more and repeat the process. Visit with their teachers to see what they might suggest. These are my thoughts. Yes they learn from our example but sometimes there are other issues involved that need to be addressed. And some will never like to read.

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