What can we learn from the Amish?

I've even reading this book about the Amish. The book is Amish Values for Our Family: What We can Learn from the Simple Life. I'm fascinated about them and their standards and morals. However, I do not agree with their religious philosophies. They are a works based religion where they believe that to have salvation, you must do certain things and abide by certain rules. They portray Christ in such a manner that it makes you want to try it their way to see if it works. The interesting thing about the Amish belief is Christian Charismatic belief also came out of the same rebellion against Roman Catholicism back in the 1500's. So they're not too far from each other but they the fear of losing their salvation and turned it into a way of life by working towards it. It's a religion based on everyone else but themselves "How can I help you today" instead of the American philosophy of "how can I feed my selfish ambitions today." It's such a self sacrificing religion that I think we could really take a lot from. They are very church community and family based. They do everything together as a community. If someone needs a barn built, then they build it together. If someone's cows get out, then they all help round them up and get them back to the pens. It's amazing! Another thing is that the elderly and in-laws usually live on the same property when they are of age. When a couple gets married, they spend the weekend at her parents house then every weekend after, they go to different friends and families home to collect gifts and announce they are married. Then they build their own house and barn with the help of their community. It's so different and simple and it works!

I've started incorporating some of their traditions in with ours and I love it. For starters, I've started talking differently to people. I'm trying not to be as harsh but more loving and kind. I'm trying to change my way of thinking by asking how can I help you today. This has been super hard for me with my oldest. I'm not sure why. She's so responsive to the soft tone of my voice compared to the  loud and bossy voice. The Amish really respect that other person for who they are and they don't try to change them. They respect ideas and conversation.

We started praying before meals and waiting on everyone to get to the table before anyone eats. That's hard with kids. I started a devotional with them first thing in the mornings. They love it and listen very carefully to it.  

How kind they are to people and they are successful. Their kids are the same way! I strive to be that way as a person!

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