Savior's Tear

Have you ever looked at someone and saw the pain that they feel or have felt? Have you looked at their surroundings to see why? Maybe their father is missing. Maybe they have no parents. Maybe they have a grandmother who took them in to love on them because their mom was a drug addict. Maybe they have two loving parents who can't afford to provide for them and decided to give them up. Maybe someone rescued them from an abusive situation.

After observing in my very short amount of time such children and people, my heart began to mourn for such things that we take for granted. It's such a pleasure to be able to provide for my children by staying home and relying on God and my husband for provision. It's a passion and desire to see each one of these kids taken care of to the best of our ability, one kid at a time.

Please come sponsor a child or two at http://saviorstear.com/donations/. Your donation of $30 a month covers one child to eat twice a day, give them a Christian education, two sets of uniforms for school, and school supplies. One $12 purchase of a bag of Nicaraguan coffee (beans or ground) feeds one child, one meal a day for seven days. Of course all donations are excepted and are not limited to the above amounts.

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