Grandmas in general are very important to the circle of life. They become even more important when that circle of life ends. When you're with them you never want it to end and you always want to come back for more. Their stories of history. Their stories of people you've never met. Their stories of how they prayed and took care of the loved ones in their life. Their stories of how life treated them during times that we will never encounter. Their stories about their families. All the stories and experiences I've heard from my grandmas are embedded in my mind for the rest of my life. The wisdom they teach in every area of life. We just need to listen and learn. Some grandmas lives are short and others you think will never end. Either way they always impact your life, even if its in the smallest of ways. 

It's time for us to carry Grandma's legacy of selflessness and family. It's time to deal with our differences and go on. This life is too short to harbor unforgiveness because in the end, all that's left is family. I love the times we've spent together Grandma and I miss you already!

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