What a Day...

As some of you know, today is my birthday. And when you get older, the day just doesn't revolve around you anymore, especially when you have kids. Well that's how my day was today. It didn't start off very well as I had been up at 3:00 am and fell back to sleep around 6:00. However I had to be up around 6:45 to make breakfast, especially coffee, for my family. I love my family so it doesn't bother me. I had some errands to run and my oldest was out of school for Presidents' Day. She wasn't exactly excited about running around town so that kind of set the mood. My little one woke up on the obnoxious and loud side of the bed along with being a grump. So as you can see they were both a pleasure to be around as our day started off. My first errand was the bank. I get there and it's closed. Never even crossed my mind that they were closed for Presidents' Day. Then we go to Walmart and they were out of some stuff so we had to go to a different Walmart. I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart anyways so this didn't help at all. As you can see my day was shaping up to be yucky and this is putting it nicely! I realized, leaving the second Walmart, that I wasn't going to let this day go on like this. We got home to unload and I told my oldest to find something quiet to do, and I put my baby in her bed and shut the door. Sometimes you got to do, what you gotta do! So I decided to decompress by filling my new desk with all of my favorite things. I love my new desk. It was a gift which makes it even better. Around noon we went to eat with my love and our friends. That always helps brighten the day. After, all of us took a two hour nap. It was awesome! I never take naps so I must've needed it. Then we went to eat with my mother-in-law. Good conversation with good company over good food. (Note to self: find a different adjective other than good!) So despite the horrible start to my day, it ended well and relaxing. Thanks for letting me vent and share my heart! 

Thanks to those who remembered my birthday by sending me texts and/ or cards. You brightened my day too! I love you all!

When do you decide that enough is enough? How do you decide?

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